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Living the Bhagavad-Gita

A Contemplative Weekend

You know the feeling . . . You need to get away, regroup, rethink life and your role in it. You need to re-connect to something real. Touch the earth, feel the sun, have a genuine conversation with another human being. Three Leaf Farmden is offering you a key to a more authentic you; the chance to spend a contemplative weekend immersed in nature and the lifestyle and tradition of ancient Vedic monks.



Experience the opportunity to live the life of a contemporary Vedic monk in a traditional Vaisnava temple setting. The temple we will be visiting is located on 350 acres of woods and farmland. You will also be experiencing life as a "grhasta" or house-holder living in the residence of a thirty-year member of a spiritual community and contrasting how life is lived outside of a strictly monastic life style.
During your stay you will attend the early morning prayer and meditation services at the temple, classes based on the timeless lessons of the Vedas, engage in” seva” selfless service, learn how to wear a sari or a dhoti, learn the art of preparing “prasadam” blessed food. You will also have the opportunity to go on a herb walk, prepare a herbal tincture and learn how to integrate the Vedic lifestyle into modern life. There will also be a chance to interact with the community through traditional Indian bhajans (songs)and kirtan (dance) and garden yoga.
Bhakti-yoga is a unique opportunity to engage in traditions thousands of years old.  Come with an inquisitive mind and be open to looking at the world from a new and completely fresh perspective.
Minors can only attend with their legal guardian.
Minimum age 18
What to bring:
Personal journal/ diary and writing implements
Waterproof outer wear and good shoes or boots for walking. 
Any personal instrument, drum, flute guitar etc. Nothing too large or bulky.
What will be provided:
All vegetarian/ vegan meals and snacks, throughout the weekend.
Car rides between the Farmden and the temple.
Beads for mantra meditation and traditional clothing of saris and dhotis for an authentic experience.
Available Dates: October 18-20, 2019 and October 27-29, 2019.
Cost per person $108.00
Max. number in a group: 6.

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