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Build Your Own Cooking Class

Now there is a wonderfully creative way to learn about a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle while improving your culinary skills in the kitchen by personalizing your own cooking class!

You choose from the following categories:

  • How many hours? Choose the length  and number of the classes.  

  • Number of people in the class. Just you, you and your spouse or significant other,  friends, folks from work, a church group, or youth club (come together and split the cost)!

  • You choose the location: ​Three Leaf Farmden (Port Royal), your home, a community kitchen, or a space at your church

  • What do you want to learn to cook? Choose the area or areas you want to concentrate on, these include, but are not limited to: ​​

Learning the basics: Plant based meals 101

Making the most of tofu's versability

Working with wheat gluten the vegan "meat"

The aromatic world of herbs and spices

Beans, legumes and pulses

Building a great soup

Beans and Rice one dish five different countries. 

Choosing low-glycemic: the diabetic paradise

The African Vegan: plant-based traditional Nigerian dishes   

Cooking for a gluten-free lifestyle

Fast-food favorites: Using look alikes to encourage teenagers and kids to eat healthily

Three Leaf Farmden is supported by your self-guided donations.

Suggested donation for this programme: $50.00 an hour plus ingredients.

Call: 717-208-4411 email: with questions or sign up and reserve your date below.

Sign Up for a Class

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