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[S1E13] What Have We Done


Since Michonne's hallucination positions her as the hitchhiker, perhaps it's suggesting a moment in time that haunts her. On season nine, episode six, Michonne told Magna that they have all done terrible things.

And that's most likely what AMC wants. Negan's still a big part of "The Walking Dead" after all. He recently killed the Whisperer leader under Carol's orders and the show has already been trying to get fans to empathize more with Negan by referencing the controversial season seven premiere and bringing up Negan's wife. If Negan's going to be sticking around, AMC will want to make sure fans can finally get behind the character in the way they have fallen in love with Rick, Daryl, and Carol, no matter some of his past transgressions.

And considering the high alert status, it didn't make sense that Higgins and Magnum were able to engage in a gunfight with Ian without anyone noticing. Also, wouldn't have there been security around Jing since he was the cause of the alert in the first place He was there in his room with no protection whatsoever.

Jessica was proud of her son in a way we haven't seen before, and it was due to her comprehension of what it is he does. She also doesn't mind jumping in and aiding in investigations in any way she can provide, too.

Malcolm: I'm just confused, lost, scared. You have no idea what these visits do to me, what you did to me. Martin: My boy, I made you.Malcolm: You destroyed me.Martin: Malcolm, what are you doingMalcolm: I came to tell you face to face--Martin: Tell me whatMalcolm: That you're a crazy, old man, a sick lunatic, living in a delusion. We never had a relationship because none of this is real. I never loved you, and you'll never see me again.

Dr. Evans: They can go on You can find out all of our resources, all of our programming. We have a training center now. People can learn about what this kingdom life is all about comprehensively.

Lots of things to nitpick.It was a mistake and probably the biggest error of the series to only have the new suit at the very end of the finale. It came across gimmicky to have the birth/debut/reveal/whatever of Daredevil and Kingpin to happen simultaneously, which is what they were going for. They should have had at least one full episode of him with the suit.

With the casino causing problems, Rachel is threatened by a cartel member. She blames Marty for what happened. When Marty denies it, Rachel thinks his wife did it and realizes that Wendy is behind the entire plan. Marty begs Rachel for help. Later on, Marty finds out Wendy sent Nelson after Rachel, and he lets his wife know that Ruth has now rerouted the funds in the casino, thus causing further problems. He clarifies that if Omar Navarro is extradited to Mexico, it will not matter if they do not have money.

The group falls back into the chair room, and Iris is given a tattoo on her back with of her name. It is what the actuals call a "birthmark". It is used to identify the actuals from the imprinted. The group then look at the window to see Dr. Saunders is outside. The group run down to interrogate her, but it is clear that she has regressed to her Active self, Whiskey. The group are about to execute her, believing she killed Lyn. However, she says she can lead them to Safe Haven, which is rumored among actuals to be a sanctuary from the imprinted and the mind-wiping technology. Whiskey states that the memories in the tablet will lead them there. In another flashback scene Victor, who has been imprinted with Clive Ambrose, head of the Rossum Corporation, is informing them they are going to sell actives. For a nine-figure sum, a person can have immortality, similar to that of the episode "Haunted." Mr. Ambrose informs Adelle DeWitt that it would be all legal within a year as their services to high-ranking officials would push this legislation through. DeWitt believes it is morally wrong, but Mr. Ambrose states they have a choice to either join them or


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