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Bonifati Evseev
Bonifati Evseev

Ebp Mon Budget Perso 2014 12 |TOP|

Mental health issues are especially common among older adults. While the elderly population is aging, they are increasingly becoming one of the fastest growing segments of the population within the United States. Identifying the specific contributions of mental health to the overall health of elderly persons is necessary if we are to achieve health and longevity gains among these populations. This webinar will focus on mental health issues that should be considered for the elderly population, including depression, anxiety, dementia, cognitive decline, and substance abuse. It will also cover important considerations for medical providers and gerontological care workers as they interact with older adults. The webinar will also discuss several initiatives to improve mental health among the elderly population.

Ebp Mon Budget Perso 2014 12


In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of working in a school setting. As the nation emerges from COVID-19, we will discuss the implications of this pandemic on schools and school personnel, including the impact of this unprecedented time on learning, and pedagogical, curricular, and administrative decisions. We will also discuss the pandemic's impact on school personnel and educators, both in the schools and at home. We will examine a strategy for schools using this unique time to connect, both formally and informally, to create a space for communicating our values and engaging in the process of collective resilience and creativity.

This is the inaugural event hosted by the CILAD and SILC Diocese on this topic. We have combined forces to share an engaging and educational weekend with church leaders, youth ministers, parents, and other community members interested in learning more about teen pregnancy, abstinence, or both. We will present the latest findings, discuss myths, share personal experiences, and learn how we can shape our church environment to help youth avoid teen pregnancy.


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