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An image of a hand wrapped in the cuff of a blue sweater, holding a fallen leaf.
Text Logo that reads Three Leaf Farmden with a drawing of three green leaves.

Healing the body. Expanding the mind. Feeding the spirit.

Yasoda Mensah instructs a group at Three Leaf Farmden.

About Us

Explore our Mission, our Space, and more about Three Leaf Farmden.

A group of people playing various drums outdoors, sitting in a circle in the sun, on a grassy lawn.

What We Do

Expanding our understanding of ourselves and our world.

A hand-painted sign in a garden that reads "If something is not eating your plants, then your garden is not part of the ecosystem."

The Green Circle

Three Leaf Farmden's Sustaining Membership Programme

A girl lays bricks onto the ground while building a path.

Hands and Heart

Volunteer at Three Leaf Farmden - a great Community Service opportunity!

Our Mission
Self-realization through education, association and utilization.

A space for pushing the boundaries on what we know about health, healing and spirituality.

A space to retreat from the craziness of the world

to your inner peace.

A sign in the grass at the entrance to Three Leaf Farmden.
Yasoda Mensah conducts a Weed Wisdom Walk for a group.
A hand plays a drum.
A group sitting outside in a cirle, playing various drums.
Fruit hanging on a tree branch.
A group of people play frisbee on the grass.
A group enjoys a picnic outside, under a tent.
Three Leaf Farmden displays information and answers questions at an event in a city.
One of our team members leads a discussion.
Yasoda Mensah conducts the Heal thy Self program.
A woman plants seeds in the ground.
A woman in a pink shirt holds herbs she harvested from a garden.
A wheelbarrow full of picked fruit.
A selection of colorful hot and sweet peppers.
A person sits on a picnic table outside.
Musical performers sing and play guitar.
A man and a small child sit and enjoy participating in a drum circle.
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