A space for pushing the boundaries on what we know about health, healing and spirituality.

A space to retreat from the craziness of the world

to your inner peace.


Welcome to us...

Bigger than a garden, smaller than a farm, Three Leaf Farmden is a small family owned operation growing "Certified Naturally Grown" produce and sustainably wild crafting herbs.


Located in the beautiful and fertile Juanita Valley, central Pennsylvania, Three Leaf is the agricultural base for its sister organization;

Trifolia Natural Products and Botanicals.

Three Leaf and Trifolia are committed to promoting a deeper connection to the Earth and the items that sustain us through an online based Community Supported Botanicals, CSB program that offers individualized herbal therapeutics and small batch, high quality value added products in foods and body care.


For more information on membership and products follow the button below to Trifolia's website.


Our Mission: Self-realization through education, association and utilization.
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A Space...

To experience various workshops, classes, groups, and intensives as offered throughout the year on a variety of subjects including: Bhakti-yoga; various forms of meditation; Hands and Mind meditation; Meditative knitting and handcrafts; Plant based meal preparation; Primal scream therapy; Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); and Healing Drum Circles. Explore the impact of these alternative therapies on anger management, the release of stress, reduction in the impact of negative experiences, as well as embrace techniques to enhance a higher spiritual awareness and transcendental realization. 

Weed Wisdom Walks...

Get up close and personal as you learn to identify local herbs, plants, and trees, examining the traditions and history surrounding them as well as healing properties they embody. Taught in the wise woman tradition, the walks are tailored to suit the participants' needs, are causal, informative, and fun, and always include refreshments. The Weed Wisdom walks make an excellent addition to home schooling programs, after school activities, community service for groups of various sizes, as well as anyone looking to expand their knowledge of local herbs.


Contact us to make arrangements. 

Scheduled regularly: March - November

Build Your Own Cooking Class...

Explore the culinary arts while becoming familiar with the science behind plant-based meals. Classes are taught by our chef-in-residence, a global traveler who has over thirty years experience in plant based meal preparation. The dishes reflect the eclectic taste, color and ingredients of a myriad of cultures, opening up a world of gastronomical experience. Choose the focus, size, and length of the class and prepare to discover your inner chef. Areas of concentration include: Cooking for a gluten free lifestyle; Rice and beans on 5 continents; Making the most of tofu's versatility; and Building a great soup, among other options.