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Summer Solstice on Three Leaf Farmden

First and foremost, welcome to this year's summer solstice. We invite you to join our vision to spread knowledge and open our minds. Veg For Life is a continuous program encouraging and supporting one and other in a more conscious approach to diet through events. Stay tuned for more information regarding documentaries, short talks, and hands-on workshops like herb walks and cooking classes.

Now you can connect with Yasoda and purchase Trifolio Natural Products FIVE new ways.

Find Trifolia Natural Products!

The Boalsburg Farmers Market Tuesday from 2pm - 6pm.

And last but not least, discover the power of a new skin cream intended to shrink varicose veins and support optimum health. This Horse Chestnut infused lotion increases circulation, reduces pain and swelling in the affected area and reduces the risk of clot formation in the varicose veins. More on this cream, coming soon!

Follow Three Leaf Farmden on Facebook and Instagram for summer tidbits like what we're harvesting and creating. And don't forget to share with us what you're harvesting and creating!

Finally, Mugwort! Check out this link that gives the wonderful benefits of this amazing and mostly overlooked common herb.

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