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Bonifati Evseev
Bonifati Evseev

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Users are lost at every stage of the customer life cycle and the impact of losses higher up the funnel is amplified further down it. The freemium app funnel sees an average of 5% of downloads convert to payment. The fact that even with such low conversion rates, apps generated $25 billion globally in 2014 highlights the scale of the opportunity. App revenue will grow to $69.7 billion in 2020 but money will continue to be left on the table if app funnel leakages remain unaddressed.

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Kindle! Everyone wants their book on Kindle. And, everyone wants it to look gorgeous. As covered in previous posts (here for cover images, getting Kindlegen to recognize the cover image, and an introduction to the all-important OPF file), the key these days is a rather unruly piece of software called Kindlegen, which you can download from Amazon KDP for free. 041b061a72


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