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Buy Razor Blades

Razor blades are a small but vital component in any shave. From the sharp simplicity of double edge razor blades for traditional safety razors to the convenience of the Gillette Fusion5 Razor Blade & Gillette Mach3 Razor Blade disposable cartridge systems, The English Shaving Company has you covered.

buy razor blades


These razor blades are made from a special type of stainless steel designed specifically for use in a razor blade. They are disposable, and should usually be changed somewhere between one and seven shaves, depending on preference. As double edge razor blades are all metal, they can be recycled - you can even pick up a handy blade disposal tin to store your used razor blades. Read more about how to keep your razor blades sharp for longer on our blog.

After nine Wirecutter staffers spent more than two months shaving with 11 different cartridge razors, we think the Gillette Mach3 is the best combination of a close shave, an affordable price, and a comfortable grip. Marketed for men but appropriate for anyone who wants to shave their face, it will leave a smooth look regardless of skin and hair type.

To determine what most people look for in a cartridge razor meant for faces, we scoured online shaving forums, read studies that looked at what makes certain blade and razor technologies work, and searched for specific info about shaving habits.

Once we eliminated obvious non-contenders, we sent our 11 finalists out to seven testers (plus our guide writers).2 We spent two months with the razors, comparing them on alternating sides of our faces or on alternating days. We asked each tester to name their favorite razors, identify a clear favorite (if they had one), and single out anything they truly found heinous.

After years of attempts, Gillette released the Heated Razor, a model intended to recreate the experience of a hot-towel shave at home. With a thicker, longer handle and replaceable cartridges, the razor quickly heats and creates a relatively consistent experience, according to our testers. However, they were not impressed by it overall.

The DSC/Barbasol six-blade and trimmer unit can also be purchased directly as the Dorco Pace 6, so you can simply replace the cartridge when you need to rather than as a subscription for around the same price. Dorco also offers the Pace 7, with seven blades (plus a trimmer). Unfortunately, adding a seventh blade is like adding a seventh ring of hell (for the record, Dante posited nine, so razor makers still have a journey ahead).

Dan Koeppel is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter. He specializes in deep dives on topics ranging from treadmills to razors. His books include Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World, and he received a James Beard Award for his writing on bananas. He is also a screenwriter whose credits include Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Eco-friendly Leaf Razor, a triple-blade pivoting head plastic free shaving razor. Most loved by head, body, leg and underarm shavers for its wild efficiency. Face shaver? Check out our single-blade model.

Face Shaver? Many face shavers tend to gravitate more towards our single-edge razors becase their head is smaller (easier to fit into tight places like under the nose) and you're shaving a smaller area.

Billions of plastic razors end up in landfill and oceans each year. Make the switch to Leaf and refill your razor with stainless steel blades (no plastic-housing needed!) and never toss a cartridge again.

If you've ever tried shaving with a standard safety razor, but stopped because you hated it or got nicked / cut too many times... you'll see an immediate difference when shaving with Leaf. We make shaving plastic-free more accessible by making it easier to get started and easier to stay.

You can load 1, 2 or 3 blades into The Leaf razor to truly customize it to suit your needs. Want the closest shave? Load all 3. Want to dial things back? Remove the bottom blade. The stacked blades are spaced further apart than cartridges for an irritation-free, efficient shave.

No more clogged blades during shaving, no more harmful chemicals found in most shaving gels and foams, no more billions of empty cans from shaving products thrown in our waterways and landfills, just an all-natural shaving experience from a company that cares about their customers and our world. Improve your next shaving experience by buying replacement blade cartridges online on our website

Your razor is more than looks. With the right blades and a properly weighted handle, your razor will glide across your face. Pick from Straight, Safety, 5 Bladed, or electric razors to get your perfect shave.

What does it mean to buy razor blades in bulk? The razor blade co. sells products in cartons, cases, and bulk cartons. For resellers, we recommend purchasing blades sold in cases instead of bulk. In cases, blades are usually individually wrapped and in many instances the razor blades are packaged 100 blades at a time. These cartons are placed in a case usually containing 10-50 which is ideal for resellers. The case and carton packaging is great for getting excellent prices on your razor blades when buying the case, while getting the small cartons which at times are brightly colored and well suited for retail.

On the other hand, bulk packaging means that the blades are unwrapped and are not separated in small cartons; all the blades are bundled in one box. Bulk packages are ideal for factory and warehouse use where there is no need to pay for excess packaging. Buy razor blades in bulk when you will be going through many blades. Because bulk razor blades are usually not individually wrapped, users should be sure to have adequate safety procedures in place in order to ensure safe handling procedures.

Sometimes customers requesting to buy razor blades in bulk are simply asking for large quantity discounts on razor blades. The Razor Blade Company is set up to ship orders from small to large. If you are looking for discounts for buying razor blades in bulk, look at our case pricing or call us for an individual quote based on your requirements. We can set up a blanket order or regular purchasing schedule for your company upon request, ship pallets, or deliver freight internationally. At the Razor Blade Company you will get the same quality of blades at a cheaper price when ordering your products in bulk. We are always happy to offer discounts on bulk purchases, simply let us know the products and quantities you are interested in and we will have a custom price quote for you within 24 hours.

I have just started shaving with a DE razor, keeping a log on all of the blades in this pack. So far very happy with them all. I haven't picked one over the other as of yet, I'm satisfied with my purchase which will not be my last. Great products, prices as well as service.

I am a huge fan of the simple package that had a wide variety of blades that I can use to select my forever blade before I order a big bulk package. I was a little disappointed to see some blades were in small plastic boxes and not cardboard but that's not NES fault. I'm excited to visit in person soon.

I'll revisit this review when I've had a chance to use the razor and more than 3 of the blades in the sampler. I shave only once a day, sometimes once every other day, but I've already been asked twice for a review.

Yes. All safety razor blades are universal. Double edged or DE blades will fit into any butterfly razor or doubled-edged razor. But you should still pay attention to the quality of the blade you buy for your eco-friendly reusable razor.

Reusable razors come in an array of different shapes and sizes. At Jungle Culture we produce 3 piece safety razors as we believe that they give the safest and best shave!Here is a list of the different types of reusable razors available today:- 3 Piece safety razors- Butterfly safety razors- Straight edged razorsThe top two options, 3 piece razors and butterfly razors are essentially the same thing, except 3 piece razors unscrew, whereas butterfly razors open to allow you to place a blade inside.Both butterfly and 3 piece razors use double-edge safety razor blades, whereas straight razors, sometimes known as cut throat razors use single sided razor blades (or double edge blades snapped in half).

Although all safety razor blades have identical shapes and sizes, the difference is in the sharpness of the blade.A quality double-edged razor blade is extremely sharp, made from a hybrid of metals and coated to provide a smooth, but close shaving experience.There are many reputable and non-reputable razor blade vendors around the world and we would recommend sticking to a household name. Below is a list of quality razor blade brands who produce fine, sharp and safe safety razor blades. You can buy Shark razor blades from us or Jungle Culture razor blades too!Best safety razor blades

Of course they can!Safety razors are often bulky, silver and generally very manly-looking in the traditional sense of the word! However, the perception that only men can use safety razors is absolutely 100% flawed.All safety razors are unisex, but Jungle Culture also produces a range of ladies eco-friendly razors that are a bit lighter in the hand than traditional safety razors!

Cartridges now come with tons of blades, fancy pivoting, even some with handles that vibrate and others that heat the blades for a warm shave. Three blades is seemingly considered quaint. Five blades is now almost a minimum, while there are razors with up to seven (7!) blades in the cartridge.

Perhaps best of all is the cost of the razor. We bought the razor handle and four blades for just $10. Each additional pack of four razors is $10, or about $2.50 each. Buy a larger quantity and the price drops. For example, two four packs (eight cartridges total) is $18, or $2.25 per razor.

Furthermore, with a disposable razor that you toss after every shave or two, you are also creating lots of waste. Over the course of a month you might go through 15-30 of these razors that end up in a landfill. 041b061a72


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