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Poojai Movie Hindi Dubbed Download YouTube Link: A Simple and Easy Way to Get the Action-Packed Tamil Film in Hindi

How to Download Poojai Movie in Hindi Dubbed from YouTube

If you are a fan of Tamil action movies, you might have heard of Poojai, a 2014 film starring Vishal, Shruti Haasan, Sathyaraj, Raadhika, Mukesh Tiwari, and Soori. The film was written and directed by Hari, and produced by Vishal himself. The film was a commercial success and received mixed reviews from critics. It was also remade in Kannada as Anjani Putra starring Puneeth Rajkumar.

Poojai Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Youtube

But what if you want to watch Poojai movie in Hindi dubbed? You might be wondering if there is a way to download Poojai movie in Hindi dubbed from YouTube, where you can find many trailers and clips of the film. Well, you are in luck, because in this article, we will show you how to do just that. We will also tell you more about Poojai movie and why you should watch it.

What is Poojai Movie and Why You Should Watch It

Poojai movie is a Tamil-language action film that revolves around Vasudevan "Vasu", a Coimbatore-based moneylender who gets into trouble with Anna Thandavam, a Pollachi-based businessman and hitman who hires North Indian killers to murder anyone who opposes him. Vasu also falls in love with Divya, a rich girl who initially rejects him but later changes her mind. Vasu has to protect his family and his love from Anna Thandavam's wrath, with the help of Sivakkozhundhu, an ASP of Coimbatore district.

Poojai Movie Plot and Cast

The plot of Poojai movie is as follows:

  • Vasu is a moneylender and the heir to the Kovai Group, a cloth manufacturing company, until he is disowned by his mother Rajalakshmi due to some misunderstanding.

  • He meets Divya at a mall and becomes friends with her. However, she rejects his proposal due to status issues, but later falls for his humble nature.

  • One day, Vasu saves Sivakkozhundhu and his wife from a group of thugs who work for Anna Thandavam, who wants to kill Sivakkozhundhu for investigating his client case.

  • Anna Thandavam also plans to illegally grab land sold to a village temple by Vasu's late father Rathnaswamy.

  • When the land is formally sold to the temple, Anna Thandavam orders his henchmen to assault Vasu's uncle Ramaswamy.

  • Vasu reconciles with his family and beats up Anna Thandavam's henchmen in retaliation. He also fights with Anna Thandavam and humiliates him in public.

  • Vasu manages to arrest the North Indian killers and gets an arrest warrant issued for Anna Thandavam.

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