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Unbeatable Corner Handicap Betting Method, Snatching 99% of Winnings from Bookmakers

Corner handicap betting is one of the popular types of soccer bets today. However, to place bets correctly and avoid risks, you need to have some basic knowledge about this type of betting. Let's explore all the information about corner handicap betting through the following article with Wintips!

What is corner handicap betting?

Corner handicap betting is a variant of the Asian handicap bet in soccer betting. The difference lies in the fact that while the Asian handicap deals with goal handicaps, this type of bet deals with the number of corner kicks for each team.

Bookmakers analyze the correlation between two teams, their playing styles, and on-field developments to set the odds for players placing bets. Typically, corner handicap bets in a match will range from two to three odds.

Similar to other types of bets, corner handicap bets come in various forms, including: 1/4 handicap, 1/2 handicap, 3/4 handicap, 1 handicap, 2 handicaps... These are the handicap ratios commonly seen on the betting boards.

Full match corner handicap bet

To place a full match corner handicap bet, players need watch early morning football tips and determine the outcome based on the final result of the match. The stronger analyzed team becomes the handicapped team, while the weaker one receives the handicap.

The ultimate result distinguishes the winning and losing teams.

Total match over/under bet

Similar to reading over/under bets in soccer. The total match over/under bet implies that the player doesn't need to care about how many corner kicks occur. Instead, they predict whether it will be broadly within or less than the range set by the bookmakers. They then choose the over or under option.

Hence, first half and second half corner bets will have a similar approach as the full match corner bets. However, it applies only within each half.

Calculating corner handicap bet results and specific examples

The result of a corner handicap bet is calculated based on the number of corner kicks and the odds provided by the bookmaker in the soccer match.

For example: In a match between MU vs Everton, MU is favored as the higher-rated team by the bookmakers, whereas Everton is considered the underdog. In this scenario, MU gives Everton a 1 corner kick handicap, with the odds being: higher-rated team odds at 0.75 and underdog odds at 1.05. Here's how to view the full match odds:

If the match ends with MU gaining more than 1 corner kick compared to Everton, the higher-rated team's bet will win. Placing a bet of 100k will yield 100 x 0.75 = 75k in return.

Conversely, if Everton gains fewer than or equal to 1 corner kick compared to MU, the underdog bet will win. A 100k bet will yield 100 x 1.05 = 105k in return.

The Benefits of Corner Handicap Betting

The advantages of corner handicap betting include:

If you understand football corners, place bets correctly and at the right time, this type of wager can yield tremendous profits.

It's an easily accessible betting option for newcomers. Due to its simplicity and ease of understanding, players can quickly learn how to engage and start placing bets immediately.

You can combine this bet with other types to form a multiple bet, enhancing the odds of winning and potentially earning significant profits.

Monitoring and observing football tips site provide additional insights into match outcomes, dynamics, and other statistics.

Strategies for Corner Handicap Betting to Beat the Bookmakers

To safely and effectively place corner handicap bets, players should consider the following:

Thoroughly research team information regarding strength, form, tactics, lineup, etc. This can be achieved through reading reports, insights from experts, or directly observing matches to evaluate.

If a team with a strong defense faces a team with weak attacking play, the likelihood of corner kicks occurring will be low. Conversely, when two teams with strong attacking plays face each other, the corner kick odds will likely be higher.

Prefer teams with a good record in executing corner kicks, especially those with potent attacking strategies.

Place bets prior to the match to avoid fluctuations in odds.

Avoid excessive betting on a single match or wagering too much compared to available funds to ensure financial safety.

Review corner kick trends from previous matches to make informed betting decisions for future games.

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These are fundamental yet crucial insights if you intend to engage in corner handicap betting. It's an accessible betting option, providing entertainment and the potential to earn additional income. Visit betting platforms to start placing your bets now!


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