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How To Buy A Chandelier

Shaded chandeliers are available in a wide array of colors and styles, but in all cases, they do the double duty of adding a visual element to the chandelier while also somewhat dimming how much light it puts out. If you want softer lighting from your chandelier, or simply like the look of a chandelier with shades, then this is a category worth considering.

how to buy a chandelier

Many of the chandeliers of the past held candles. Candelabra, or candle style chandeliers, borrow this idea to keep a classic, old-fashioned look, while updating the technology behind it to add safety and convenience. You can get the historical look of a candle-filled chandelier by simply flipping a switch (and without burning your house down).

Chandeliers come in so many different shapes, sizes, and materials that figuring out how to narrow your search down can be overwhelming. To give you an idea going in of just what you can expect when you set out to find a chandelier, here are some of the main factors you should keep in mind in your search.

You also want to consider the width. If it will be hung in a living room or bedroom, you have some flexibility to work with, but probably still want it to be smaller than a third of the width of the room. If your plan is to hang it over a dining room table, then you should make sure the width of the chandelier is smaller than the width of the table.

More than most lighting fixtures, chandeliers are often heavy. If you purchase a heavy chandelier, that will affect your shipping costs, how tricky installation is, and the risks involved in trying to install it yourself. No one wants to be in the wrong place when a badly installed chandelier falls from the ceiling, so be aware of the additional issues that come with purchasing these gorgeous fixtures.

A chandelier is a luxury light fixture that is usually seen as only suitable for large mansions, but it can actually be a great fit for any home. This form of decorative lighting can dazzle any space and create an elegant atmosphere wherever you choose to hang it. They also light the space evenly and won't take up much space since they hang from the ceiling. Moden chandelier styles have gone beyond the standard designs that are found in hotels and old houses, and can now be sleek and simple enough to fit whatever plan you have for your room.

While chandeliers are versatile, there are still a lot of factors to consider when buying one. The type, size, amount of light it produces, and how it's maintained are just some of the areas people make mistakes. For example, a chandelier shouldn't be installed so low that the light causes glare or obstructs views, advises The Lighting Company. Here are some other common mistakes to watch out for when buying a chandelier.

The size, shape, and weight of a chandelier should be based on your ceiling space. The Lighting Company provides a handy guide: If your ceiling is below 7 feet high, it might be difficult to include a chandelier unless it is installed over a table; if the ceiling is 8 to 9 feet, you should ensure a distance of about 6 to 7 feet between the chandelier and the ground; ceilings of 10 feet or above, you have the luxury of a chandelier that will hang 2 to 3 feet down.

Chandelier types are divided by style, shape, and design, and should fit the theme of your space. The most common styles are traditional, tiered, and crystal. Traditional is constructed with all the lights on one level, while tiered has multiple layers. Crystal is the most recognizable style and has pendants attached. You can find many design types including modern, contemporary, and industrial, notes YLighting. You can opt for an LED chandelier, which saves energy. These also tend to last longer and give you the option to switch between color temperatures.

The type of chandelier you choose needs to fit the overall design of your space. According to Inviting Home, extravagant lighting from the entrance to the dining area will wow your guests, so you can go all out with the sparkles and shine. Spaces like the foyer and staircases can incorporate either bold or subtle chandeliers, depending on the look you're going for. On the other hand, your bathroom or sleeping area might need a more calming light setup that ties the space together without demanding too much attention.

Chandeliers need to be cleaned carefully since they are delicate. Turn off the chandelier before you start cleaning, and use a ladder or stool that is safe to stand on. Bellacor recommends wiping off the dust with a cloth while wearing cotton gloves and using a specific cleaning solution to work on difficult stains. Avoid using water or regular household cleaning products on your chandelier to prevent watermarks. Dust your chandelier weekly and do a thorough clean and check annually or biannually to see if everything is intact and if any parts need to be replaced.

It's common for chandelier bulbs and other parts to break or fall off. Depending on the height of your ceiling, changing the bulbs might be easy if they're not too hard to reach. Otherwise, you'd need a winch, which is a remote-controlled instrument that can lower and lift the chandelier safely. When you need a replacement, ChandelierParts suggests quickly identifying and replacing the specific part that is broken and being open to getting a different part if your chandelier is really old or rare.

Expect the unexpected asyou explore our chandelier collection. With a bit of whimsy and lots of style,you will find mid-century modernchandeliers, chandelier lamps, andgeometric chandeliers sitting comfortably besides industrial chic designs andbohemian stylings; all having one thing in common, they were selected asquality showpieces that will distinguish your individual style. Shop Shades of Light for our variety of uniquechandeliers and find the one that is perfect for you!

When considering dining room light fixtures and dining table chandeliers, know that our curatedselection of dining room chandeliers includes both traditional stylingfrom crystalchandeliers towrought iron, polished nickel to antique brass and other mainstay materials. We have also selected some unusual styles,including some surprising materials, like wooden beaded chandeliers and others craftedfrom reclaimed wood, jute and chicken wire.

Choosing a unique chandelier that is well suited for your space requires some planning and a little expertise. For helpful information, please visit our dining room chandelier ideas section, where you will find useful information and answers to questions such as:

If you are looking for a quick and easy update for a room without replacing your current lighting or making a larger purchase, consider adding chandelier shades to your existing chandelier. It is amazing how much this little refresh can change the look and feel of a room!

The Chandelier Bar highlights the entire top floor of the theatre and features a full-circle bar surrounding a large inverted chandelier. This general admission are is a standing-only area. There are specially priced Chandelier Bar tickets available for most shows.

Whether you are looking for more ornate options like crystal or candle chandeliers, or you are hoping for a more modern lighting style like LED, our team of professional lighting experts can help you find what you need. Our lighting consultants are trained to find you lighting solutions that stay within budget while also matching your personal style, whether that be traditional, classic, contemporary or something completely out of the box.

This is my first post on Rick Steves' website and i am excited to learn from a lot of the traveling veterans on here! I am traveling to Italy this month for my wedding/honeymoon. My fiance and I are going to spend one day in Venice with the intention of buying a chandelier for our house. She speaks Italian and has a lot of experience traveling in Italy. However, I am concerned about finding the right chandelier for the right price (i know they can be quite pricey). Does anyone have any buying advice in Murano? Any tips with dealing with the shops/studios? Does anyone have any shop recommendations? Your help is greatly appreciated!

You will need more than one day to do that. Like buying any art work. You need to look and compare and look again. I would take some pictures with you of the space you intend for the chandelier and the surround furniture so you can see how things work together. Obviously, the vendor should arrange shipping and insurance. It is coming a long ways.

Unfortunately, we only have one day to spend in Venice. To give a little bit of back story, we are getting married in Tuscany (and honeymooning on the amalfi coast) and we were not planning on going to Venice at all. We decided to fly to Venice (we have both been before) because Venice is near the city that she lived in when she studied in Italy (we are from the US). We also thought it would be nice for one day to take a few boat rides and shop for a chandelier. My fiance knows what she is looking for as far as size and style goes so i am hoping to narrow our search before we head out there.

I appreciate the harsh words (i know you only give them because my original post makes me sound like a typical dumb consumer) but don't worry we had no intentions of telling the sellers that we are only there for one day and no intention on telling them we have to buy something right away at whatever price they want. My original intention for the post was to hear from those who have purchased a chandelier in the past and have a few tips for negotiating shipping charges and general haggling. Also, i would love to do as much research as possible on the studio's before going so that we can narrow our search down before we even arrive. If anyone has any galleries that they recommend, i would love to hear about it!

I wouldn't spend my honeymoon shopping either -- BUT it is your trip and you should absolutely do what you want to do including having a keepsake that will thrill you for years to come -- but I agree it isn't a one day proposition. I would also pre shop in the US (or wherever your home country is). Look at Venetian glass chandeliers in US high end lighting shops so you know what they cost here and what is quality. It doesn't matter if you get a bargain (unlikely) but it does matter if you get inferior stuff or get majorly cheated. 041b061a72


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