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Mike Farabow
Mike Farabow

Titanic (1996)

Do-GooderFull NameJamie PerseAlias(es)Mr. DickieOriginTitanic (1996 TV movie)OccupationCriminalPowers/SkillsProtection, pickpocketting stuff from someone, giving a punch, make small talkHobbyrobbing people (formerly)GoalsAccomplish his dream of gettin involved in the moving picture businessGet to First Class (succeeded)Talk to the rich folk (succeeded, got along with JJ Astor NO LESS!!!!)Rob the First Class and Pursor (given up on goal)Save Aase from the ship's sinking (succeeded) Save the family Jack(failed)Restore Aase's faith (succeeded)Get in love with Aase (succeeded)Start over clean, build a new life with Aase (probably succeeded)

Titanic (1996)




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