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Bonifati Evseev
Bonifati Evseev

Stardock WindowBlinds 10.7 Beta !{Latest} Serial Key !FREE!

It's OK software, but there's little to differentiate this with 8 or even 7. Takes waaaaaay too long to install too. They really need to dump the code and start from scratch.The other problem with this version is that apparently if you have the download or trial version of Nero 9, you need to run the Nero CleanTool to uninstall Nero 9, then use this update to install it clean. Ridiculous.From Nero pages:"Nero 9 customers who purchased a Downloadable Version (not Retail Box) or currently have Nero 9 Trial version, must follow the steps below to take advantage of the latest Nero 9 UpdateStep 1: Run the Nero Clean Tool - this uninstalls your previous version of Nero 9 in preparation for the current Nero 9 update. Nero Clean Tool will also uninstall the following applications - Nero Move it, Nero BackItUp 4 and Nero MediaHome 4 - if installed on your computer. Please make sure to keep record of your current serial numbers for reinstallation of these applications.Step 2: Download and Install the latest Nero 9 Product Update.Step 3: Enter in your current Nero 9 serial number to complete installation process.Step 4: If you own other Nero products (such as Nero BackItUp, Nero Move it, Nero Media Home) you will need to reinstall these products individually."

Stardock WindowBlinds 10.7 Beta !{Latest} Serial Key

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Nero is the best burning software in my opinion, however, I'm a bit peeved with all their releases... 5.5.*Kinda reminds me of winamp when programmers rush to push out their software without fully testing. I don't mind the download, but for the people who don't always keep up with the latest software and betas, it can be incredibly frustrating (especially if you get hit with the error they fix in the newest releases). I would recommend Ahead start investing more time into testing and wait a bit before they release... in order to ensure that releases with an appended "b" need not exist.

Von Himpfendinckz, you are obviously very new to news sites such as, you are very much mistaken. The companies webpage is usually always the LAST piece of information to be updated! Webpages dedicated to bringing you the latest software news like betanews, are equipped to update their site way faster then the author's without many limitations, quickly and easierly too. Remember ahead is a company/business that runs on money, i'm sure it costs to update their site instantly, and that it has a timetable of conduct. As you can see, the homepage is now more then updated, and this is a valid release :)WRFan, as much as you are correct, i find nero's interface to be perfect in every way, and i hope they don't change it so it's more simple. It's efficent and productive, exactly what burning cds is all about, well use to be, now as time pasts it's becoming less of a luxuary as it once was and more of a joke, i think ahead are going about things the correct way, holding up both ends of the bargain, the original nero for the original user's that know what they are doing, and expect everything that the old nero's about, and now nero express for the new computer user's that need/want to learn the world of burning, or just want to burn without having too.As always, i've never had a problem with the Nero Burning program myself, and each new release just keeps getting better and better and i cannot fault Nero Burning Rom on anything, and i've been burning cds for years, i suggest to anyone that wants to try the best burning software out there for their money, or for existising customers, that they update to this new release. If they are interested in the general improvment of the program over time, which has proved to always be a constant in my case.

It seems like the download link wont work for me. I tryed to get the latest nero version from and from but when i click on the download links I get the "Page cannot be displayed ... blah blah blah...". Can anyone help me with a good link to get the Nero ???


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