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Benjamin Tikhonov
Benjamin Tikhonov

Dragon Crossroads V1.0-TE

Israel may be small geographically but it is a country of epic proportions, rich with ancient sites and stories that stir the imagination within a modern, kaleidoscopic mix of immigrants, ethnicities, cultures, and religions. Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, the country of Jordan delights from the archaeological treasures and antiquities of Petra to resort pleasures along the Dead Sea.

Dragon Crossroads v1.0-TE

Taking place towards the end of the Seventh Pass, Dragon Rider: Chronicles of Pern opens with a Hatching at Fort Weyr. Two boys, Roth and Dalkor, stand before an egg; Roth is confident he will Impress, while Dalkor is fearful of being injured by one of the hatchling dragons. The egg hatches and the dragon, bronze Zenth, Impresses Dalkor, who becomes known as D'kor. After failing to Impress, Roth's father and family abandon him, and he is sent to the Healer Hall. 350c69d7ab


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