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Mike Farabow

Support Driver Huawei E173 Zip

it's a service provider's website. the e173 is the same device i am having issues with, i could not get mobile partner to work for me, so i did the other thing, the manual installation of it to get it working. you can download the mobile connect driver from

support driver huawei e173 zip

Download File:

the mobile connect driver is the default, you can install it using the app store. see: this is exactly what i did. it did not work for me, so i found the mobile partner app on the app store, downloaded it, and then used it. it did work for me.

hey all, i have been dealing with this issue for a few days now, and i have finally figured out a solution. as i work for a service provider, i was able to talk directly to the technical support team, and they have a solution that i have been able to implement. for other users, i figured i would share the solution i found:

first, please download the huawei e173 driver from you will need to install this on your mac, and then you will need to enable the driver for your device using csrutil disable. you will then need to reboot your device. once you have done this, you will need to restart your network manager. you can do this by going to system preferences, then network, and then opening the connection you are using, then going to the advanced tab, and then selecting the connection name, then clicking the "edit.." button. then, select the vpn tab, and then select the option "remove" next to vpn. you will need to repeat this for all vpn connections. then, go to the vpn tab again, and click the "add vpn" button. then, select the option "mobilepartner". you will need to enter your login information for the huawei e173, and you will also need to enter your email address, and then click the "create profile" button. you will then be prompted to choose the mac you want to connect to, and then to choose the connection you want to connect to. when you are done, you can then close the connection you just made.


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