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Adobe After Effects Cs6 Plugins Megapack

Adobe After Effects CS6 Plugins Megapack

Adobe After Effects CS6 is a powerful and versatile software for creating motion graphics, visual effects, and animations. However, sometimes you may need more features or tools to enhance your projects. That's where plugins come in handy. Plugins are additional software that can be installed and used within After Effects to add new functionality, effects, presets, and workflows. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best plugins for After Effects CS6 that you can download and use for free.

adobe after effects cs6 plugins megapack

How to Install Plugins for After Effects CS6

Before we dive into the plugins, let's see how to install them for After Effects CS6. The process is quite simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Download the plugin file from the source website. Make sure it is compatible with After Effects CS6 and your operating system.

  • Extract the plugin file from the zip or rar archive. You should see a folder or a file with the extension .aex, .ffx, or .jsx.

  • Copy the plugin folder or file and paste it into the Plug-ins folder of your After Effects installation directory. The default location is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files\Plug-ins.

  • Restart After Effects and check if the plugin is available in the Effects & Presets panel or the File > Scripts menu.

If you encounter any problems or errors during the installation, you can refer to this video tutorial for more guidance.

Best Plugins for After Effects CS6

Now that you know how to install plugins for After Effects CS6, let's take a look at some of the best plugins that you can download and use for free. We have selected 10 plugins that cover different categories and purposes, such as animation, distortion, transitions, color correction, and more. Here they are:





Twitch is a plugin that creates unique, pulsing effects by synchronizing random operators such as blur, color, light, scale, slide, and time. You can use Twitch to create glitchy, energetic, or cinematic animations with ease.

[Video Copilot]

AE Pixel Sorter

AE Pixel Sorter is a plugin that brings the pixel sorting glitch effect to After Effects and Premiere Pro. You can create a multitude of different glitch effects quickly and easily with an intuitive UI, and customize them with various parameters such as direction, speed, threshold, blend mode, and more.

[AE Scripts]


AEC4D PRO is a plugin that allows you to export your Cinema 4D scenes to After Effects with one click. It automatically transfers cameras, lights, nulls, text layers, solids, and footage layers from C4D to AE, and preserves their position, rotation, scale, anchor point, orientation, and keyframes.

[AE Scripts]

Liquid Elements

Liquid Elements is a pack of 1000+ frame-by-frame animations for Pack Manager. It includes various liquid shapes such as circles, splashes, drops, bubbles, strokes, and more. You can edit the colors, styles, and speed of the animations with Pack Manager's user-friendly interface.

[AE Juice]

Liquid Transitions

Liquid Transitions is a pack of 140 frame-by-frame liquid transitions for Pack Manager. It includes different types of transitions such as wipes, slides, zooms, swirls, and more. You can also edit the colors, styles, and speed of the transitions with Pack Manager's user-friendly interface.

[AE Juice]


Immigration is a smart import and batch replace tool that greatly improves the workflow of importing and replacing files, especially file sequences and highly nested hierarchies. Immigration simplifies import by automatically detecting file types, creating compositions, and applying presets. It also allows you to replace multiple files or folders with a single drag and drop.

[AE Scripts]


Magnum is a plugin that automatically detects edits in footage. It can analyze any video clip and create markers or layers at each cut point. You can use Magnum to speed up your editing process, sync music to cuts, apply transitions, color grade, and more.

[AE Scripts]


Boa is a plugin that allows you to distort layers along mask paths. It makes warping layers along a path easy, fast, and precise. You can use Boa to create organic shapes, curves, ribbons, and more.

[AE Scripts]


Bones is a plugin that allows you to rig and animate in After Effects with IK (inverse kinematics). You can set up and animate with IK in as little as 3 clicks. With Bones, you can control a whole character on a single layer, or use multiple layers for more complex animations.

[AE Scripts]

Mask 3D Warper

Mask 3D Warper is a plugin that allows you to create 3D models and 2D warps from masks. You can use Mask 3D Warper to extrude, bend, twist, and deform masks in 3D space, or apply realistic perspective and distortion effects to 2D layers.

[AE Scripts]


In this article, we have introduced you to some of the best plugins for After Effects CS6 that you can download and use for free. These plugins can help you enhance your projects with new effects, presets, workflows, and features. We hope you find them useful and enjoy using them. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy creating!


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