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Mercedes-Benz Navigation Comand APS NTG2 V14.0 The Latest and Greatest Navigation Data for Your COMAND APS NTG2 System

Mercedes-Benz Navigation Comand APS NTG2 V14.0 A Complete Guide

If you own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle that has a COMAND APS NTG2 navigation system, you might be interested in updating your maps and software with the latest version available. In this article, we will explain what Mercedes-Benz Navigation Comand APS NTG2 V14.0 is, how it can benefit you, what you need to use it, how to install it, and what are some alternatives and comparisons. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of whether this file is right for you and how to get it.

Mercedes-Benz Navigation Comand APS NTG2 V14.0

What is Mercedes-Benz Navigation Comand APS NTG2 V14.0 and why do you need it?

Mercedes-Benz Navigation Comand APS NTG2 V14.0 is a compressed file that contains the latest navigation data for the COMAND APS NTG2 system, which is a DVD-based navigation device that was installed in some Mercedes-Benz models from 2004 to 2008. The file size is about 3.5 GB and it can be downloaded from various online sources, such as or MHH AUTO.

The navigation data on this file covers 39 European countries, with major and minor roads, towns, villages, points of interest, traffic information, and more. The file also includes a software update for the COMAND APS NTG2 system, which improves its performance and functionality. Updating your navigation system with this file can provide you with several benefits, such as:

  • Accessing the most accurate and up-to-date maps and routes for your destination.

  • Avoiding traffic jams and road closures by using dynamic route guidance based on the latest traffic data (TMC/RDS).

  • Finding nearby attractions, services, restaurants, hotels, and more by using the extensive points of interest database.

  • Enhancing your driving safety and comfort by using the improved voice recognition, display, and sound quality of the COMAND APS NTG2 system.

Compatibility and requirements: Which Mercedes-Benz models and systems can use this file and what do you need to install it?

Before you decide to download and use Mercedes-Benz Navigation Comand APS NTG2 V14.0, you need to make sure that your vehicle and system are compatible with it. According to Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories, this file is suitable for the following models:

  • A-Class W/C169 from 09/2004 to 05/2008

  • B-Class W245 from 06/2005 to 05/2008

  • C-Class W/S from 04/2004 (C-Class Sedan only until 02/2007, T-Model until 11/2007)

  • CLC 203 from 06/2008 to 11/2010

  • CL 203 Coupe from 04/2004 to 05/2008

  • CLK-Class 209 from 05/2004 to 04/2009

  • G-Class W463 from 03/2007 to 09/2008

  • M-Class W164 from 07/2005 to 07/2008

  • R-Class W251 from 02/2006 to 08/2010


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